Starting working in spas at a young age helped make it clear just how much body shame, leading to even body guilt, exists. I think everyone expects a bit of, “my third poutine this week is.. not something to be proud of” but I’ve had amazingly successful and impressive clients apologize for growing body hair, breaking out, wearing makeup or not having their nails done. While estheticians tend to get into the trade because they enjoy grooming rituals, the idea of a client feeling ashamed of their body is opposite of the goal. We also are usually running around with hairy body parts, hidden zits and potentially excessively picked at skin.


Saul’s was created to help break down some of the forced spa image and offer a more chill vibe, or to steal from my Dirt Road Studios, in the case of some services, “a comfortable place to be uncomfortable”. So this week we started a new campaign with the hashtag #noapologiesSpa , because you don’t have to look perfect, be hairless or even really give a fuck about that stuff to be welcome here. If you just want happy skin and a shoulder massage, you can outsource your skincare concerns and problem solving to us. If you don’t care about hairy legs, but prefer a smooth bikini line you’re a) not the first b) doing you. It’s not our job to judge whether you look good enough to our or society’s standards, it’s our job to help you feel better about yourself and outline a nice, healthy, path to get you any skincare goals you might want to achieve.


Nobody wants to be naked in an environment where they feel judged or small, and from an estheticians’ perspective, nobody really wants to work in that environment either.


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